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Height: 5'5"

Weight: 125 lbs.

Hair: Dark Blonde

Eyes: Green



Location: New York, NY

Willing to travel / Legally Able to Work in

Both U.S.A. and Canada (U.S. Permanent Resident/Canadian Citizen)

Originally from: St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

171-Edi_For Webt_edited.jpg


Hardcore TV (sketch comedy)     Baseball Mom                           HBO (NY)    
Substance                                  Drunken Woman (principal)      Corsair Productions (NY)
Daleko                                       "Casting Director" (principal)      Andrea Staka, dir. (NY)
No Apologies                              TV Anchorwoman (principal)     b.i.g. Films, St. John's, Newfoundland
Drawing Tortellini                       Dr. Weinstein (principal)            Andy Levine
Non-Traditional Work PSA          Surgeon                                   Imagine That! Productions
The Human Press                       Mom (principal)                         Derek Mok, Columbia Univ.
Raw                                            Elevator Bystander                   Rachel Victor, Columbia Univ.


Muse                                           Louise                              Dir. Hazen Cuyler, The Greenhouse Ensemble

Mona Lisa and the Cross                Louise                           Dir. Susan Izatt, Broadway Bound Theatre Festival

Composure                                    Beth                              Dir. Fritz Brekeller, WorkShop Theater Company

Marla and Her Prayers                     Doreen                           Dir. Elysa Marden, New Perspectives Theatre Company

You Are Here! (A Man Walks Into a Bar) Angel, a Barfly                 Dir. Thomas Cote, WorkShop Theater Company

Cold Snaps 2012 (Look Me in the Eyes) Wife                                Dir. Kathryn Long, WorkShop Theater Company

HA!                                                  Edna                               Dir. Ric Sechrest, WorkShop Theater Company
Beat Chick                                       (Five roles)                      Dir. DeLisa M. White, WorkShop Theater Company

Cold Snaps 2011 (The Truth-Tellers)     Annie                              Dir. Thomas Cote, WorkShop Theater Company
Cold Snaps 2010 (Lionel) ​                  Marcella                          Dir. Jessica Creane, WorkShop Theater Company
Miss Lulu Bett                                  Ina                                  Dir. Kathleen Brant, WorkShop Theater Company

The Man in the Newspaper Hat        Elizabeth Bishop             Dir. Katrin Hilbe, ManyTracks

In the House of My Beloved             Ensemble (Featured)       Women's Project & Productions, Directors' Forum
Baggage Claim                                  Multiple Roles                 Ensemble Studio Theatre

Moonlight & Love Songs                   Eileen                            Dir. David Gautschy, WorkShop Theater Company

The Bow-Wow Club                          Freida                            Dir. Keith Greer, WorkShop Theater Company

The Alpha State                               Terry                              Dir. Ren Peterson, WorkShop Theater Company

Young and Beautiful                         Sheila                             Dir. Robert Coles, Vortex Theater Company

Skating on Thin Ice                          Cathleen                         Dir. Tim Smith, Turnip Theatre Co./American Globe

Hablo Diablo                                     Muse                              Dir. Barbara Rubin, Makor/92nd St. Y

Sole Man                                          Woman                           Dir. Barbara Rubin, Makor/92nd St. Y

The Odd Couple (female version)      Renee                            Dir. David Pincus, Latour de Force Productions

Little Miss Fresno                              Ginger                            Producers' Club

Dressing Room Divas                         Julie Andrews                 Dir. Stephen Helgoth, The Duplex

Dressing Room Divas 2                      Shirley MacLaine            Dir. Stephen Helgoth, The Duplex

Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme               Mme. Jourdain                Dir. Gail Winar, Biggs Rosati Prods. (national tour)

Lennon: A Life                                  Astrid Kirchherr              Dir. Rachel-Louise Rubin, Twinfish Productions

Live Industrials





Dialects: High British, Irish, Scottish, Texan, Brooklynese, German, Croatian, Newfoundland (various)

Horseback Riding (English), Fencing, Swimming, Writing and Graphic Arts (including cartooning)

Good with Animals

Sales Training Program                         Dr. Jane Irving                        Astra Pharmaceuticals (AEA Contract)
Financial Advisor Training Program       "High Net Worth Client"         UBS Financial Services Inc.

Coaching Roleplay Exercise                   Two Financial Advisors          TDAmeritrade Institutional
Deposition Training Program                 Maggie Polisi                         NITA (NY Law School, Hofstra Univ., etc.)
Improvisation at Corporate Events (Microsoft, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, GE, Newfoundland Telephone)

Training & Workshops

American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York (Graduate, Two-Year Program)
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London, England (Summer School)
Scene Study - ALFRED MOLINA, Austin Pendleton, Laura Esterman   HB Studio, New York

Film/TV Acting: The Barrow Group — Film/TV Acting Class 1: The Tools (K. Lorrel Manning)

                                                         Film/TV Acting Class II: On-Going Audition Prep (K. Lorrel Manning)
                                                         Filmmaking for Actors (K. Lorrel Manning)

Film/TV Acting: HB Studio —              Acting for the Camera 2 (Sam Groom)

Voice:  Linklater Center — Freeing the Natural Voice: Level 1 (Tamala Bakkensen) 
Commercials:  The Network — Commercial Edge Intensive

                     The School for Film & Television, New York (Joan See, Renee Roy)


WorkShop Theater Company (emeritus member)

Independent Filmmaker Project

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